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Our Kennel

Our kennel currently deals with two breeds of dogs. The Tibetan Terrier is the first love then the Pug  joined later.  

Our first dog is Zokni, who set us on the path of a dog keeper, an exhibitor and eventually a breeder, but our encounter with the Tibetan Terrier dates years earlier. We met several Tibetans in a circle of friends and they were so captivated by their character, calmness and kindness that we decided we would like a Tibetan to accompany us on our journey. After a few months of waiting, we bought our Zokni, who was soon followed by Domino. "And why a pug?" the question was asked. We wanted to expand the family and started looking for another breed very similar to Tibetan, so we found the pug, Domino. His character, his calmness, his kindness immediately proved how similar they really are, and of course how different they can be, but we can't even imagine our lives without them.


  If you want to get to know our dogs up close, come to us or see us at a dog show.

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